Friday, June 6, 2014

Eclipse plugin for svn integration

I’ve found it tricky to install Eclipse plugin providing svn integration.

The problem is:

  • which plugin to choose,
  • which version of the plugin to choose as well as
  • which packages to install.

I’m running latest Eclipse (Kepler SR2) and plugin of my choice is subclipse.

The Eclipse plugin update site has to be chosen based on the svn version installed on the machine (check it running svn --version):

Following packages were required for installation (for me):

  • Subclipse (Required)
  • SVNKit Client Adapter (Not Required)
  • SVNKit Library

That’s it! As it covers my Eclipse/svn day-to-day workflow.

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Henri Benoit said...

Had the same problem recently. I was too fast upgrading a working copy to svn 1.8 and then only noticed that it broke sublipse. An update of Subclipse of course didn't work because of the different repositories you need to use. Here the full list in case somebody needs it:

Subclipse Version --> SVN/JavaHL Version

1.10.x --> 1.8.x
1.8.x --> 1.7.x
1.6.x --> 1.6.x
1.4.x --> 1.5.x
1.2.x --> 1.4.x
1.0.x --> 1.4.x

Life would be so much easier if there was only one update site and the latest version of subclipse was backward-compatible. Or they at least used the same version numbering between subclipse and svn. But life is not meant to be easy...