Friday, June 13, 2014

Xfce: How to disable toolbar text in KDE apps

Recently I’ve experienced quite a funny situation. I use Krusader for file browsing that calls Kompare for file comparisons. However I was not able to copy changes from left to right (or vice versa) in the compared files, as I could not see all the toolbar buttons (these were too big). I didn’t even notice for quite some time, that there are others, not displayed on my screen.

But who needs text description in toolbars? Well, I don’t!

I remembered global setting from the Gnome world that it should be possible, so searched from the KDE equivalent.

Found it (in my Fedora + Xfce) in:

Xfce menu button -> Options (hope this one is right, as I have it as Einstellungen) -> KDE SystemOptions (for me KDE SystemEinstellungen) -> Style (Stil) -> Fine Tuning tab -> Toolbars section
where I just chose No Text in the both: Main toolbar text as well as in the Secondary toolbar text.

That did the job for me.

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