Monday, June 25, 2012

Repost new blog notification to social networks

Problem: How to automatically send status notifications on the new blog posts on blogger to google+, facebook and twitter?
Solution: Two step approach worked for me:
1. use official blogger to google+ integration (to post to google+)
2. use "+Rob Mcgee" (to repost from Google+ to facebook and twitter)

How to achieve it? Go on reading.

Official integration blogger to google+.
Follow the instructions here:
Or more specifically, to merge the profiles do so here:

Google+ to Facebook and Twitter reposting
Use the site with the official instructions:
I've found this approach on:

In fact I need to test it somewhere, so if you see this post in all these 3, it should be working fine.
Let's see :)


Peto B said...

OK, seems not to be so easy, as it worked for google+ but not for facebook and twitter, need to check deeper probably.
Probably max character count reached :(

Peto B said...

finally it worked for me :)
The problem was the characters count restriction. Therefor the simple solution is to remove comment when publishing the post (on blogger) and beeing asked for publishing for google+