Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ubuntu 14.04 with HP Deskjet 930c

I’ve got old printer: HP Deskjet 930c. Following steps were necessary to use it with my Ubuntu 14.04:

  1. Printer: start + connect it via USB
  2. download HP drivers bundle called: HP Linux Imaging and Printing from: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/gethplip.html
  3. install bundle via (answering couple yes/overwrite questions):
chmod +x hplip-3.14.10.run && ./hplip-3.14.10.run 

You should see your new printer afterwards.


won said...

Hello Peter,

can you explain more, where i should create exactly that commons-pool dependency? cause i got this stuck too, for a week!!!

Henri Benoit said...

Also had one of those when I was still young and full of energy, which is a long time ago ! Were you even born when they made these printers ?

Peter Butkovic said...

I got this one for the bag of "lebkuchen", so didn't ask about age :)