Friday, July 11, 2014

Kindle for offline html docs reading

Summer is here, while laying on the beach, you can use the time to learn new programming language or get some overview on the framework of your interest. Possibly the things you had no time left for over the year.

I bought myself Kindle, my beach holiday is just a day away, so it’s time to fill the reader with content.


Get an online html docs to Kindle for offline reading.

Required software

  • wget - download program
  • calibre - ebook reader/converter/…


  1. find the docs you’re interested in (I’ll refer to <> as the url of the docs of my interest)
  2. download it (I used wget to do so, inspired by stackoverflow answer, please note this is expecting all docs no one domain only):

    wget --recursive --timestamping -l inf --no-remove-listing --page-requisites <>
  3. start calibre
  4. drag&drop the downloaded index (main) page to calibre
  5. convert to mobi format (via right click on the book and choosing Convert Books -> Convert individually afterwards editing metadata and choosing mobi as the Output format)
  6. connect your kindle (via usb)
  7. send ebook to device - via right clicking the ebook and choosing: Send to device -> Send to main memory
  8. done!

The valuable part

Well, the challenging part is for me always to actually digest the docs. So go ahead and read it (if it’s worth it). Self-discipline, I need to work on that, I guess.


gregber said...

I have convert that (was worked in Glassfish v3):




thats work in Glassfish v4

Peter Butkovic said...

Thanks for idea. The only drawback of having no interface at all is that you can't share it with clients connecting to your ejbs over some remote protocol. Still you might don't need that.

Richard said...

Thank you!

Michiel said...

The graphical representation does not work