Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eclipse toolbar housekeeping

It took me quite some time, since I really started to care about all the wasted space in my IDE of choice - Eclipse IDE. The problem is that toolbar contains elements that I never use. Reasons might differ. Some I don't need, for some I use keyboard shortcuts (that I consider faster to use) for the rest I don't have a clue what they're intended for.

Once I checked the options, motivated by the removal of "Quick access" element eating my toolbar space (since Eclipse Juno version) I've found the stackoverflow post providing even more help than I originally expected.

It correctly pointed me to yet unresolved Eclipse bug, however that was not what I was looking for. Still there were other answers giving me what I came for.

Removing "Quick access" element

As this answer pointed, adding:
#SearchField {
to the:
and restarting Eclipse does the job.

Removing toolbar buttons

As the other answer pointed, going for: Window -> Customize Prespective ... I was able to get rid of the buttons (I don't need) in my toolbar.
Please note: this should be done on per perspective basis.


Since applying the mentioned, my toolbar behaves and takes one row of my vertical space only. In fact, it's like half empty :)

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