Monday, July 8, 2013

Raspberry Pi - my new home server for 70 EUR

I'm quite excited, I just ordered the Raspberry Pi.

But wait, you might ask: Excited to buy single core 700MHz CPU in 2013?
If someone would tell me couple years ago, I wouldn't believe, I guess :)
Nevertheless I see the use case for my small home server running Raspberry Pi.

I'll document what has been achieved, rather than summing up my dreams, so for today, I'll stick with the HW components I went for.

I decided to document my setup as things can vary in:
  • additional components you might need, as well as
  • country/shop you buy at.
The primary intent is to keep things summed up for me. But you might still find the information useful.


The board itself is one thing, however having all the other components required is something different. So after some research I ended up with the following setup:
  • Raspberry Pi board itself
  • USB keyboard + mouse
  • as the previous 2 would occupy both of available USB ports, I need USB HUB
  • SD card
  • USB Wifi adapter - as I need to connect to my Wifi Router and no I don't want any new hole in the wall :)
  • monitor (well this one as well as keyboard and mouse) might won't be plugged permanently, if running as server (ssh should do the job), but still I need it
  • power supply
  • some box?
  • hope I didn't forget anything important :)
OK out of all these I have power supply, keyboard, monitor and mouse already, so let's go for the rest. And box? Lego should do the job for me (if my daughter borrows me some pieces :)

My order

I'm ordering in the Germany, but didn't really compare with other coutries. I've found all the shops for the components I need on the with quite OK prices.

For the decision making I followed the rule of:
  • the lowest price as well as 
  • component compatibility and of course
  • shipping costs matter.
Following is my configuration of choice:
  1. Raspberry Pi Mod. B Rev 2.0 (512 MB RAM) 
  2. Transcend SDHC 32GB Class 10 
  3. Mini Highspeed 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub 
  4. TP-Link TL-WN725N Wireless N Nano USB-Adapter 
OK so my very new Raspberry Pi related costs up to now are: 70,23 EUR

Now I just need to be patient till all the components arrive and if all works as expected.
I'll keep you updated.

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