Friday, May 3, 2013

Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Space) caught in Xfce

Q: Did you ever face the problem of keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Space not working in Xfce?

This will be another one of my keyboard shortcut troubleshooting posts when living daily in Xfce (previous one can be found here).

My primary IDE is Eclipse, therefor Ctrl+Space is something I need like a salt. While coding I use it for code completion intensively.

However some months ago it stopped working for me. Stackoverflow ideas didn't help. So I gave up. As one of my favorite songs says: "Never know what you got till it's gone".

But couple days ago, I've observed, when pushing this combination accidentally twice in a row I got keyboard switch dialog.

While looking around, I've found IBus applet in my xfce panel (not sure how it got there :) ). When going for it's options, I've found out that my favorite keyboard shortcut was eaten by that one. Changing it to whatever else, solved the code completion in Eclipse for me.

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