Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Xfce: keyboard layouts

If you use multiple keyboard layouts on the Xfce, you might have noticed problems on restart of the system, that all layouts added via keyboard plugin are gone.

Well that is quite annoying to add these each time you need it.

As I searched for the problem (whether I'm the only one facing it), I've found following bug reports:
- ubuntu bug report
- upstream bug report
- arch linux discussion (with possibly working patch)

However, as I'm not willing to build some xfce components myself, I rather searched for a workaround.

Workaround found

After briefly reading the notes in the ubuntu bug report I've found following idea: Adding keyboard layout via Menu -> System -> Settings -> Keyboard (hope the names are exact, as for me it's Menu -> Einstellungen -> Tastatur) solves the problem.

As it seems the settings section saves preferences to permanent store, however keyboard plugin uses some other place (that possibly gets overwritten by the settings one).

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