Friday, January 25, 2013

fedora and freebsd kernel (hoax)

Have you already read the news related to Fedora on freebsd kernel plans for Fedora 19?

Well, that sounds like an ambitious goal. But who is spreading the news?
Some sources people usually trust:
- slashdot: as well as on
- phoronix:

But what is the source of this breathtaking decision? In both cases it's fedora wiki:

And now the funny/real part.

Check the history of wikipage:
As it's obvious it's been clarified, it's just a joke.

But what is the root cause behind all this?

From now on for the czech speaking people only :)

Original idea: as a result of discussion/comments for the cinnamon coming to fedora news:

And the situation clarification is in comments under:

It's really worth reading :) and enjoying the way how easy it can be to mislead people if you convince source they trust :)

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